Nicole by OPI ‘Find Your Passion’

Check out mah pudgy fingers~

With spring comes an influx of brights. In my post dedicated to those lil’ attention-grabbers, I mentioned that I don’t like to wear them on my fingers – only my toes. But for some reason – probs cause of an Essiebutton video – I was really feelin’ Bobbi Brown’s Nectar nail polish for spring. It’s a muted coral that isn’t super crazy bright.

Instead of going out and spending $17 on a nail polish I will only wear once, I decided I’d try to dupe it within my collection – shop my stash, if you will. This is what I came up with.


I’ve had ‘Find Your Passion’ from Nicole by OPI for years and have only ever worn it on my toes (big surprise there). I really like how it looks on my fingers, though; it’s unexpected, so looking at them makes me happy. It’s so bright and springy.

It’s not a true neon because it doesn’t dry matte, but I think it’s nearing as bright as you can get without going neon. The formula was quite thin and the brush quite thin, too; I needed three coats to get it this opaque, but the shade makes up for it. Maybe next time I’ll try it over a white base, in true neon style. The wear time is pretty decent, too; I’m on day three with minimal tip wear.

I think on exceptionally long nails this colour might be a bit much, but on my short squoval nails I think it’s quite cute.

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