My Perfect Everyday Lip Product

S&G Lip Gloss

Almost everybody has one: that lip product that’s super flattering, comfy to wear, and a joy to apply.

This is mine.

It’s Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist. It isn’t readily available in Canada, which is why I haven’t mentioned it much before now, but I’ve seen it in the special displays at a few Shoppers DrugMarts in the past few weeks and I can’t contain my love anymore.

It’s a jumbo pencilsurprise, they’re everywhere these days. This one is unique because the formula is super moisturizing and sheer, but doesn’t stain the lips.

S&G Lip Gloss swatch

This particular shade is a sheer, shiny pink-brown that’ll be flattering on a wide variety of skintones. On lighter skin, it’ll be a deeper neutral; on darker skin, it’s a true pink-nude.

And then there’s the smell. It smells like a MAC lipstick – that kind of vanilla, but sweeter and cakier. I personally find the MAC lipstick smell super comforting, so I am 600% okay with this.

If I stumble across these, I might pick up a second one because the formula is lovely – immediate hydration without long-term flakiness afterwards. Plus, as much as I make fun of every brand for bringing out their version of the jumbo lip pencil, you can’t deny that it’s super convenient.

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