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MUG shadows far

I actually purchased these eyeshadows back in November – I know, I know – but it has literally taken me this long to develop conclusive thoughts on them.

Virtually everyone on YouTube has talked about these eyeshadows. Created by Makeup Geek’s Marlena, they’re marketed as an affordable, high-quality line of eyeshadows that rival MAC in formula and shades. They have a ton of shades and a ton of MAC dupes. I also quite like the price per shadow!

MUG shadows closeup

I’ve struggled to come to a conclusion about how I feel about these shadows because the formula is so so inconsistent. For this reason, I thought I’d give a few sentences about each individual shade. This might make for a really long post, but hopefully this is helpful to some of you!

top row

Purely Naked is a slightly shimmery beige. I was excited about this colour for a subtle all-over-the-lid wash, but the formula is actually quite powdery, which makes the shade look a smidge chalky on me. With a light hand, it can work as a transition shade for shimmery looks.

Speaking of transition shades, Beaches and Cream is basically the ultimate transition shade. It’s blendable and only slightly powdery, but certainly not to the extent that Purely Naked is.

Mocha is a lovely everyday crease shade on me. My problem is that most brown eyeshadows pull quite gray on me, but this one definitely looks neutral on my skin. It blends beautifully, is pigmented, and goes with basically everything. It’s quickly become one of my go-to crease shades.

Bada Bing is a dark brown with coppery glitter flecks in it. The flecks don’t show up on my eyes, however. It’s darker and cooler than Mocha, but is still definitely brown rather than gray on me.

Burlesque is a shimmery deep purple-y red. I like it through the crease with something neutral like MAC’s Patina. It’s incredibly pigmented and overall a really lovely shade.

bottom row

Shimma Shimma looks like a white shimmer in the photo, but it’s actually more of a creamy champagne. It is very pigmented and very shimmery. I only use it as highlight. I’ll use it straight in the inner corner, and blended with Beaches and Cream on the browbone.

Cinderella is probably my least favourite shade. From the pan and online swatches I expected a warm pink like MAC’s Expensive Pink; however, it is a very very cool pink with silver shimmer. Cool, silvery eyeshadows are not especially flattering on me because I have strong yellow undertones in my skin. Whenever I wear this shade, I’m inevitably dissatisfied with it and end up layering on Expensive Pink or Ardency Inn Rose Gold. Moreover, it’s a really chalky shade – it even crumbled a little as I swatched it for these photos – and is not especially pigmented.

Contrasting strongly with my opinion of Cinderella, Homecoming is quite possibly my favourite shade out of all the shades I bought. It’s absolutely incredible. It’s pigmented, blendable, not chalky, and so flattering on me. It’s right up my street in terms of shades, and I have no doubt that I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this one.

Cocoa Bear is really not a shade that I would usually grab for, but oddly enough, I’ve been really liking it! In the crease with Homecoming, Cocoa Bear is a very warm brown. Again, it’s pigmented, blendable, and creamy – a little goes a long way with this one. I can safely say that I don’t have a single shade like it elsewhere in my collection.

Finally, Corrupt – Corrupt is one of the reasons I placed this order in the first place. It’s the richest, darkest black shadow I have ever seen. It can sometimes go on a smidge patchy, but that doesn’t bother me because my main use for it is patted over my Kat Von D liner to set it, smooth over any mistakes, and make it matte. I love it!

Overall, I’d recommend giving MUG shadows a try, but definitely do your research and look at swatches beyond the Makeup Geek website first!

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