NYC Beauty Haul

I went to New York City over Christmas Break, and I of course went shopping for makeup and beauty things while I was there.

I hit up Sephora, MAC, Target, and Ulta. I was particularly excited about Ulta and Target, which we don’t have in Canada. I thought I’d share what I picked up while I was there!

L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation – Swatches on Dark Skin

I really enjoy the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation, so I was super excited to give their Infallible Total Cover Foundation a try. In this video, I swatch the colours and give my first impressions on the product itself.

Overall, the product – formula, coverage, even packaging – are really quite good. It baffles me why they wouldn’t put it in the normal L’Oreal Infallible foundation packaging, but that’s not a dealbreaker. What leaves something to be desired is the darn shade range, as you’ll see in the video. As with the Pro Matte foundation, there is a significant difference between shades 311 and 312 and I fall somewhere between the two. I could probably get away with just 312 in the summertime, but it is so persistently orange that I would definitely have to bring it down onto my neck. (And chest. Maybe shoulders. I’ll need a bigger bottle because I’ll have to make myself a totally different colour if I try to wear 312 alone, ok?)

In Canada, you can get this baby on Amazon or in your local drugstores soon. (Unless you’re looking for shade 312, in which case, online or a trip across the border are your only options.)

NaturAll Club Deep Conditioner

Here’s a secret: I deep condition every time I wash my hair. Come along with me as I try out NaturAll Club’s super fresh avocado-based deep conditioner. (Spoiler alert: there are mixed results…watch until the end!)

NaturAll Club was kind enough to send the product to me for free in exchange for my consideration and review. This video and post are not sponsored and all opinions are completely honest and my own.

How to Get Back Your Healthy Hair

You’re reading this because your hair is dry, brittle, overused, abused and everything else in between. You’re either trying to grow back your hair or fix your current situation. The thought of buying a wig or chopping off all your hair seems very realistic right now. I’ve been there, I empathize and I’m telling you it’s going to be okay.

I have naturally curly hair (very dry) and have gone through almost every hair scenario you can think of. I’ve had the long luscious locks, chopped it into a pixie, over bleached, over dyed, and got extensions. I’ve watched every YouTube video and read almost every article for getting back healthy hair and this is what worked for me.

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Quick, Easy Back to School Makeup

I love back to school time. New pens and Post-It notes, new classes, a return to routine, all your favourite shows come back on TV… Unfortunately, it also means limited time in the morning. I’ve got you covered, though, with a super quick and easy makeup routine!

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My Curly Hair Journey

My curls and I have come a long way.

I never straightened with chemicals, but I used to use plenty of heat to straighten my hair on a regular basis.


As a result, I had LOTS of heat damage.

2013 heat damage

But about three years later, I’m really happy with my hair!
For all the details and more photos, check out my new video!

Generation Beauty Toronto

So ipsyOS generously gave tickets to Content Creators (or “stylists,” which I find hilarious because clothing-wise I have zero style) for their first Generation Beauty event in Toronto. I was planning to go anyway, but the prospect of VIP treatment for being a blogger was super exciting too! Plus, it was my birthday weekend, so visiting my mom just made sense.


Overall, it was fun, but an exhausting day. When they tell you that you’ll be on your feet the whole time, they mean the WHOLE time. It was cool to meet YouTubers that I’ve been watching for a while and new artists that I think are amazing, too. In Canada, it’s a unique opportunity and I hope there will be more YouTube events in the GTA in the future – I think it’ll help hold onto some of the Canadian vloggers so that we don’t end up with a Brain Drain situation.

I mention in the video that I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to hop from line to line to get free stuff… I’m not sure. Maybe I should have done better research and been more prepared beforehand! There’s some drama and frustration at the end that’s worth watching though.

The experience was certainly a unique one!

Pink Champagne Halo Eyes


I’m back with a tutorial! I usually stick to reviews, lists of favourite products, tips and tricks, but filming this tutorial was fun. I’m pleased with how it turned out – hopefully you like it, too!