Orgasms for All! Durex Intense Orgasmic Collection

2017 was an important year for me because I had my first ever orgasm with a partner during penetrative sex.* This brings my grand total of partners I’ve had orgasms with up to two. That’s right – despite being sexually active for a number of years (with more than two partners, and not only men), I would rarely orgasm during partnered sex. The majority of those times, though, my partner would.

I thought it was normal, and a Durex Global Sex Survey confirms that I’m not the only one. Two thirds of women report that they don’t orgasm every time they have sex, but claim they’re still satisfied. Most of these women also think that it’s important for their partner to orgasm. And it’s no wonder –  we live in a phallocentric world, and this phallocentricity translates to sex. Sex ed and mainstream porn and media teach that us that sex ends when a penis goes sploosh, but Durex wants to change that. With their Intense Orgasmic line of products, Durex places more focus on orgasms for both parties during sex, especially for women and people with vaginas. I had the chance to try the line out and I can confirm, life is better with more orgasms.

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Review: The Womanizer Pro40

I follow a few sex bloggers and YouTubers, and I like to do my research before investing in a new toy the same way I do my research before buying a new foundation. Most of the time, toys that get a lot of hype don’t catch my attention, or seem to have mixed reviews. But this one is a little different, because it really delivers. The Womanizer Pro40 is the Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation of sex toys: so worth the hype.

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JeJoue Mimi Soft Luxury Vibrator Review

So here’s the thing: I love sex, and I love sex toys. I love these things as much as I love makeup – maybe more.

For a while, I’ve been toying (get it? Because sex toys?) with the idea of reviewing vibrators and other sexy items here on my blog, but I thought my dear readers might not be interested (at best) or might be scandalized (at worst).

This will forever be a beauty blog first, but I’ve been dabbling with lifestyle posts – including ones on menstrual products, dating, and mental health! – and I wanted to incorporate yet another thing I’m passionate about.

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Livia – The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain?

I’ve suffered through excruciating menstrual cramps every month since my very first period at age 9. Like, debilitating. So bad I’d throw up at times. I took birth control to manage the pain for about five years, but when I went off the Pill (for a variety of reasons), the cramps were back in full force. Normally, I take an extra strength Advil every six hours or so to manage the pain on days one, two, and three of my period.

In desperation, last June, I contributed to Livia’s Indiegogo campaign.

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My Diva Cup Experience

I’ll warn you now, this post is not for the squeamish – it contains graphic descriptions of flow and insertion and bearing down. I figure about half the population menstruates or has menstruated, so there’s no sense being ashamed of or not talking about these things. In any case, this post’ll probably be most relevant or helpful to those of you who have uteruses and menstruate.

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