Benefit Gimme Brow

Although Anastasia is the Queen of Brows, Benefit is a strong contender for that title, especially with their huge brow collection release in 2016.

Ka-Brow aside, my true favourite item from Benefit’s brow lineup is an old favourite: Gimme Brow. It’s a tinted brow gel with volumizing fibers in it that you swipe on with an itty-bitty brush. And that’s what makes it amazing.

I’ve never been one for standard brow gel. My eyebrows aren’t unruly, so hold isn’t really a concern for me. They’re thin, sparse, and very light compared to the rest of my hair. A brow gel that adds extra volume and oomph, then, is exactly what I need and love.

I’ve tried similar products at the drugstore in an attempt to save money, but I ultimately ended up repurchasing Benefit’s version for a few reasons. The first is the new-and-improved shade range. The darkest shade is truly dark enough for me. Now, with three options instead of two, there are matches for just about everyone.

Then there’s the size of the brush. Having a full-sized mascara wand in a brow gel has never made sense to me. What’s more, because of my very fine brow hairs, it’s really easy to overload them with product with a full-size brush. Benefit’s mini brush lets me place product exactly where I want it.

Where I want it is usually at the front of my brows (towards the middle as opposed to towards the tails). I’ve been really into the whispy, bushy, almost-natural look lately and this helps me achieve that.

My only complaint is the plunger-thing inside the bottle. You know – the plastic thingie that wipes excess product off your brush? I wish it took a little more product off. Sometimes I can end up with some of the colour on my skin instead of the brow hairs. Other times I end up with a big blob of colour deposited on one solitary hair. My solution for this is wiping off some of the product myself. The product is fantastic, and this isn’t enough of an inconvenience to take away from that fact!

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