Why Sephora VIB Rouge Just Isn’t Worth It

If you’re consciously buying things from Sephora instead of other stores in order to get to the tippity-top tier of the Beauty Insider program, don’t bother.

It isn’t worth it.

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve been a VIB Rouge for the last few years and, as an avid makeup fan, I can honestly say that the “perks” (can you sense the sarcasm in those quotation marks) aren’t worth the money ($1000 spent on makeup in a calendar year) and dedication it takes to get there.

I have a few points of contention, and I’ll try to be as brief as possible.

Seasonal Savings // Sephora has a sale twice a year. Beauty Insiders will usually get 10% off, VIBs 15% off, and Rouges 15-20% off. But I can recall on several occasions the VIB Rouges and VIBs receiving the same percentage off – 15% – during the sale. Rouges will usually get an extra few days to take advantage of the sale. But if the discount is the same, is Rouge really worth a few days’ head start?

Free Custom Makeovers // I may be projecting my own feelings onto others with this one, but if you spend $1000+ per year on face stuffs, chances are you like doing your makeup. Why would you want let someone else have all the fun? (Anecdotally, if you’re an anxious little one like me, you may not want to trust someone else with your face.) I’ve never taken advantage of this perk.

Private Hotline // I appreciate the sentiment, but I’ve only used this once in my 3 years of Rouge-hood: when Sephora charged me for a YSL lipstick I ordered, but didn’t include it in the shipment. Cute, but I could do without it.

Invitations to exclusive events // In recent years, I think Sephora’s been listening to the complaints from their most dedicated cult members customers and have been having more Rouge events to try to make us feel special. I’ll give them that. But they’re relatively infrequent and a little chaotic/overpacked in store when they happen. Again, as an anxious Rouge, it’s not really my fave, and I wish they’d put a cap on attendance or something.


VIB Rouge Welcome Kit// This usually includes a makeup item of some sort. This year, it’s a blush that’s too pale for me to use (pictured). Some might say I have no right to complain about a freebie, but I just get so tired of stores and brands excluding dark-skinned women like me.

One thing I do enjoy is the free shipping on all orders. I take advantage of it quite a bit. Probably too much. But if only the free shipping looks appealing to you, then Rouge probably isn’t worth it to you, either. If you end up there accidentally as I do every year, well then, carry on. But I certainly wish Sephora spent a little more money to develop a rewards program with better discounts and/or perks for its higher tier members.

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