“What highlighter are you wearing?!”


Whenever I go to work, people ask me what highlight is on my cheeks. My answer is always the same because it’s just that amazing: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed!


I currently have two shades – Opal and Blushed Copper – but I really want the rest of them because they’re so lovely. The formula is incredible: it’s creamy and pigmented, and somehow highlights my cheeks without emphasizing the pores there too much. The finish is basically like if your skin were made of gorgeous, shiny metal. Sounds creepy, but it’s a good thing, I swear!


Opal is the first shade I got back in November, and it’s still my favourite. It goes with every look, and can be dusted on for a subtle sheen or really piled on for some drama (*cough* my application method of choice). It’s a true, champagney-gold highlight.


Blushed Copper, the newest in the line and in my little collection, is a bit more complicated. It’s like a hybrid between a blush and a highlighter on my skin; usually I wear it on its own and blend it down the cheekbones onto the apples of the cheeks. I’ve talked to other people who have it and they all agree with my belief that it can be somewhat hard to wear, so I would recommend: a) it for dark-skinned makeup-wearers, and b) going in with a light hand at first. When I do these things, it really is beautiful.

They can be somewhat hard to get here in Canada, but they are available on Sephora’s website – that’s where I got mine. They’re also pricey, but they’re by far the best highlighters I have ever used!

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