MAC VIVA GLAM Taraji – Swatches on Dark Skin

MAC and Taraji are at it again. This is a partnership that I can absolutely get down with.

I can’t remember the last time I looked at a Viva Glam colour and thought, “Wow, I need that.” But when this lipstick was announced, that’s exactly how I felt.

The packaging is super pretty – I love when MAC strays from their classic matte black lipstick bullets. A bullet that matches the lipstick tells me which MAC shade I’m reaching for before I read the label, and I can appreciate that!

The shade is described as a matte fuschia with pearl – and that pretty much covers it. The formula itself is matte, but it’s shot with shimmer that adds subtle dimension to the lip. I love that the lipstick is matte though – I honestly don’t wear bold lipsticks in any other finish and I’m sure others feel the same, so I think MAC made the right choice on that one.

My one complaint formula-wise is that it takes some work to get it opaque. My top lip is brown and my bottom lip is pink, and I have to put many coats on my top lip to get the same level of opacity that I get on the bottom. I think that MAC could’ve made the lipstick more pigmented, but I’ve also seen some beautiful sheered-out looks and ombrés with it on Instagram. Depending on how you intend to wear it, its moderate opacity could be a pro or a con.

There is, of course, a matching gloss in the collection. I don’t love MAC’s lipglass formula, though – I find it sticky and drying, two things I can’t handle in a gloss – so I skipped it.

As with all VIVA GLAM products, 100% of the purchase price goes toward the MAC AIDS Fund.

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