Viseart Petit Pro Palette – Review and Swatches on Dark Skin

Viseart palettes have some pretty amazing reviews in the beauty community, with the hefty price tag as virtually the only complaint. With the Petit Pro palette, Viseart scoops up those of us who were hesitant to spend $100CAD on a palette, seducing us with the siren’s song that is their buttery, long-wearing formula.

The palette is itty bitty – about the size of a credit card – but it sure packs a punch. I love warm neutrals, so the shade selection situates me right on the borderline of my comfort zone. The presence of a gold, rose gold, and matte warm brown is comforting, but the cool transition and crease shades and that punchy purple on the bottom right really help me push the envelope. (Wow, am I ever a boring person.)

And lemme just say, the formula on these guys rocks. My eyes are hooded, greasy, and creasey, so it’s easy for shades to fade, bunch, and slide around on me. That being said, some shades wear better than others. I can get 6 hours of solid wear from these before they start to crease a bit and even then, it’s minimal.

If you’re on the fence about Viseart and want to dip your toes into the waters, this is a great way to do it. I’m warning you, though: once you try this formula, you’re going to want more from them, and your wallet won’t me happy about it!

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