theBalm on Hautelook: Loves & Wishes!

So theBalm is on Hautelook until Monday morning at 8am Pacific time. For those of you who don’t know, Hautelook is a designer discount website owned by Nordstrom. They have a lot of brand-name items, including beauty items, at deeply discounted prices. How it works is they have sales – called ‘events’ – for specific periods of time. I’ve gotten theBalm items from them before, and I’ve also gotten Urban Decay.

I haven’t tried a ton of their products, but what I have tried, I really really like. So, I thought I’d make a list of things I love and things I’d love to try!

  • Mary Lou-Manizer is a classic in the highlighter department. It’s a light champagne colour with golden undertones. I find it works really nice on a wide variety of skintones.
  • Instain Blush in ‘Argyle’ is one I’ve been looking at for a while. I’ve heard great things about it. The premise is that it’s a powder blush that actually stains the cheeks. I’d love to try it!
  • Betty Lou-Manizer is like a cousin-product to Mary Lou-Manizer. It’s marketed as a bronzer, but it is waaaay shimmery even if it is bronze. I use it as a highlighter (and because of my skintone, it looks really natural) and sometimes an eyeshadow, but I’d never use it as a bronzer, even on somebody lighter than me. Too shimmery for that. But it’s an excellent highlighter, especially for dark skin!
  • Frat Boy is the only blush of theirs that I own. It’s a mauvey pink that’s super flattering on many skintones. I like it as an everyday colour, but I don’t find that it lasts long. Still, it’s really pretty!
  • Finally, the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette. I’m tempted by this one, especially at 50% off, but I look at the colours and there are like four of them that I’d wear; that’s why I’m not getting it. The palette seems really dark in general, with only three lighter shades… I wish it had a few more ‘lid’ colours. In any case, I love matte shadows. They really let the shape you create be the focus instead of crazy amounts of shimmer. Matte eyes look great with a bold lip in particular. This palette would be a good supplement for someone who already has a good collection of light mattes and needs some darks.

    Props to theBalm for super cute packaging and clever names, as always.

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    • The Balm is probably one of my favourite make-up lines. We have the Instain collection at work… and boy is it pigmented. It blends out rather nicely with just the right amount- however, even a little too much goes muuuuuch too far.
      In addition, I swear by their liquid liner, Schwing! You may notice when you remove it that it is a blue based black, but when applied it is seriously the most pigmented black and has yet to go grey when I’ve used it. The applicator is also a reason why it’s my fave; a fine pointed felt brush that lets you go think or thin and isn’t too stiff.

      • I’ve wanted to try Schwing so badly! I loooove a fine felt-tip. Blue-based blacks are awesome for making eyes look brighter, too!