The Warm Contour

Mac Blunt and Brush

I used to have things very clearly-defined in my mind: bronzers were warm, and contours were cool. I used a bronzer with an orange-y/red undertone to warm up my skin, and a contour with a grey undertone to create realistic-looking cool shadows.

But warm contouring is so in, and truth be told, it much easier and more manageable than cool contouring.

Contour Side

With cool contouring, I feel the need to be very precise and careful in my application for fear that I will look really scary. A neutral-to-warm contour is more versatile because it blends in with my skin really easily, but still creates shadows and helps to shape the face. Plus, I can build it up for that true Kontour without risking looking like Skeletor.

I’ve heard amazing things about MAC’s Blush in Blunt from the many, many other NC45 ladies on the internets. I was seriously skeptical because at first glance, Blunt doesn’t look like it’ll show up on me. Well, I count myself seriously lucky because it’s actually two shades or so darker than my own skin.

This is the first MAC powder blush I’ve ever tried, and the formula is really nice. It blends beautifully and is reasonably long-wearing – not as long as long-wearing as a Nars or the Balm blush, but long wearing nonetheless.

Contour Front

Overall, for contouring beginners/people in a hurry/lazy people like me, I would absolutely recommend something on the warmer side. It’s easy, glowy, and beautiful.

Pictured is the Real Techniques Contour Brush. This’un isn’t new to me – it was part of the same kit as the Buffing Brush – but it’s pretty nice for applying and buffing out powder contour. It’s a good size for carving out that line.

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  • I love MAC blunt. Im NC 50 and its great when you just need a touch and not the whole kim k look

  • I use Blunt as a warm contour all the time and love it. I know it doesn’t fit the rules but I love the look so I rock it without hesitation.