The Lashes of My Dreams

The first time I tried lash extensions was last summer, and I loved them.

I had them for the better part of the summer and loved them, but had them removed before school started because the prospect of going out of my way for a fill every 3 weeks amid papers and assignments seemed daunting.

Now that the weather is getting nice again (tell that to the snow from last night), I got the itch again. I want to spend less time trying to make it look like I have eyelashes and spend more time doing stuff and things.

So I went back to Spahara and saw Maya, a different lash technician from the one I’d had last time. Spahara charges $75CAD for a full set, and $50CAD for every subsequent fill (every three weeks for me, but your mileage may vary). I asked for a very natural set, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result. They look like maybe they could be my very own natural lashes (maybe…if I were really gifted in the lash department).

The basics of lash extensions are as follows: don’t get them wet for the first 24 hours, don’t rub your eyes, don’t use any products with oil in them, and brush them out with a spoolie at least daily.

My favourite thing about lash extensions is that my lashes look amazing with little effort. I can skip eyeliner, my lash curler, and my mascara and still look and feel really great. This reduces my basic makeup routine to complexion (tinted moisturizer, colour corrector and concealer, powder, highlight) and brows. It seems silly, but the time saved waiting for mascara to dry so I can recurl and reapply another layer of mascara is significant.

My least favourite thing about lash extensions is the fact that I can’t rub my eyes. I have a bad habit of scrubbing at my eyes to remove my makeup and feel clean, and I can’t do that – instead I gently wash them with a mild soap in the shower. I also don’t like that, in the morning, it feels like I have more crusties in my eyes. In the shower, I feel like more water gets in my eyes than usual, and if I don’t comb them out post-shower they look kinda wonky rather than fluffy.

Also the cost is not fun either, but considering that some sets go for $200 and fills for $75, $50 every three weeks ain’t bad at all.

Overall, if you haven’t tried them and are up for a bit of upkeep, they’re totally worth it.

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  • Those lashes look lovely and super natural! Two questions–I know you skipped mascara with them but can you wear mascara without ruining them? And, how did they make your natural lashes feel after you removed them (wondering because I have a legit, inbred fear of losing my eyelash hairs)?

    • Amanda Roberts

      Yes, you can totally wear mascara with them as long as it’s non-waterproof. After I removed them, my lashes were all still there, they just felt shorter because I was super used to my lash extensions. When I get these ones removed I’ll update this post with an “after” pic of my natural lashes for comparison!