The Hyped-Up Liner

KVD Trooper

I love winged liner. A lot. I think it adds such pretty and chic definition to any eye look.

I don’t love how long it takes to do, though. I used to be a big fan of gel liner and an angled brush. I still love the look of gel liner, but I don’t like how fiddly it can be to use. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I picked up the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper because I wanted to try a liquid liner in a pen format, and this one has got a cult following. And with good reason.

Rather than the traditional felt tip, the tip of KVD’s liner is a bunch of tiny bristles that taper to a very fine point. This makes it fantastic at getting right in snug at the lashline, and at creating a razor-sharp flick at the corners.

The formula sets quickly, lasts all day, and is inky-black. My only complaint about this product is the application process: very often, the product loaded in the brush dries out before I can finish lining one eye, and I have to work it in against my hand to get it flowing again. It’s a little annoying, but the product is so good otherwise that I’m willing to work with it.

I’ve always really liked Kat Von D, and I’m happy to say that her makeup is just as cool as she is

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  • Dar

    I’m glad you like this liner (it’s one of my favourites!), it does dry a bit while you’re applying but hey nobody’s perfect right?

    Dar |

    • Agreed! It’s a really great product, so I’m willing to fiddle a little bit with the applicator. 🙂