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In the spirit of confession, I will admit: I read Cosmopolitan magazine.


I started out reading it sarcastically and mentally making fun of the things – kinda like I started watching Sex and the City. But, like with SatC, somewhere along the line, I started to genuinely enjoy it, despite the blatant sexism and patriarchal nature of the magazine.

The celebrity quiz is always a fun part. Two Thirds Hazel made up the blogger equivalent: the Blogmopolitan quiz! I found it through The Vixen Bombshell – both their answers are really fun, so you should go read those when you’re all done here.

Anyhow, on with the quiz!

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

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  • FourR’s Mersh

    i like it. i like it all. except the potential cat purchase…

  • Glad you did the quiz! I love your answers!

  • Jaa

    This is so much fun to read, Amanda! I totally relate about not being able to pass up Sephora at the mall, LOL! I mean, how can anyone?!!! 😀

    • I’d love to see you do this quiz! I know it’s not a tag, but I would tag you. 🙂