The Best Rose Gold Eyeshadow

ArdencyInn Rose Gold open

Ever since Urban Decay came out with the Naked 3 and marketed it as containing “rose gold neutrals,” I’ve been a little obsessed with finding the perfect rose gold eyeshadow.

You see, I’m more careful than most when it comes to throwing around the term “rose gold.” I feel like it’s misused, kind of like taupe, but I won’t get into that again. Too often, I tend to see shimmery or metallic pink referred to as “rose gold.” I was searching for an eyeshadow that was not just shimmery pink, but had definite hints of gold and copper and the dimension that those shades bring.

And I found it.

ArdencyInn Rose Gold On Eye

Ardency Inn is gaining in popularity, but I am legitimately surprised that it isn’t more popular than it is. This is the only one of their Manuka Honey Enriched Pigments that I own, but I have swatched the rest and I am very impressed. Not only do they have incredibly unique shades, but their formula is amazing. They call these shadows pressed pigments, but they’re pressed so tightly and the texture is so fine that I consider them eyeshadows.

Their pigment-like qualities come in the rich colour payoff and pigmentation. They are buttery soft and pack a serious punch when packed onto the lid. Ardency Inn’s Rose Gold is just that – what I consider a true rose gold. It has just enough gold in it to be super flattering, especially on skin with yellow undertones.

ArdencyInn Rose Gold On Face

For me, this is a one-wash-wonder kind of shade. If my plan A failed or I’m running low on time, I can swipe this over the lid, blend it out with a transition shade (like MAC Cork or Soft Brown), add a swipe of liner and some mascara and I know I’ll look and feel put-together. However, the texture is so super blendable that it plays really nicely with other shades. It pairs well with a grey or deep brown run through the crease.

It’s versatile, flattering, glamorous – and it’s a true rose gold. If you haven’t tried Ardency Inn, you should. Unless of course you like your shadows unpigmented and powdery and difficult to blend. 😉

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  • This is gorgeous! I completely agree that “rose gold” is one of those colors/terms people throw around (I feel the same with taupe. You make me feel so much more sane.). I’ll have to check out this brand though! Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m glad someone is as concerned with colour label accuracy as I am! 🙂 Ardency Inn is definitely worth checking out.

      • You’re so not alone! Color labeling drives me nuts!

  • Bronwyn Ashley Harrison

    Success! Like, even though naked 3 is toted as being a rose gold palette, it really isn’t. L’oreal amber rush is decent too

    • I have Amber Rush, and it is fantastic!