The Bath Experience


About a month ago, I moved into my own apartment. It’s the first proper place of my own I’ve ever had not counting the dodgy fully-furnished place I subletted one summer. It’s lovely, bright, and clean. One of the best parts of living here, though, is that I have a bath tub.

I haven’t lived somewhere with a bath tub in literally a decade. Baths are a bit of a thing in the beauty community, and I’ve been excluded from this trend for years. Until now.

The day before I moved into my new apartment, I went to Lush and indulged in all the bathtime goodies I had secretly coveted for years. Among them were Butterball Bath Bomb, Rose Jam Bubbleroon, and The Comforter Bubble Bar.

The first two are gone, friends, but I’ll talk about them briefly. Butterball smells lovely and is incredibly moisturizing. I found three cons with this one, though, the first of which is the price. At $4.95 a pop, that’s a bit steep for a single bath. The second is the lack of colour – since it’s white, it doesn’t leave the water a fun colour, which is half the fun! What it does leave behind, however, is lots of hydration – unfortunately, this leaves an oily residue in the tub that I had to clean right after I stepped out.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon is one of my favourite Lush scents. I have the shower gel (left over from Christmas) and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Needless to say, I adored the way this smelled. Because it’s made up of two halves, I pulled ’em apart and managed to get two baths out of this bubble-making beauty – that works out to $3 a bath, which is better than Butterball! It turned the water a dusky/murky rose colour that was kinda icky-looking, actually, and the bubble yield was not that high. Like Butterball, it also left a greasy film on my tub (although the hydration on my skin was nice). I might repurchase again for the scent alone, but I’m undecided.

What I did repurchase, however, is The Comforter Bubble Bar (pictured above). This baby is right up my street. It smells like blackcurrant, which is another one of my favourite scents from Lush. At $10.95 each, the price seems high, but the bar is so big and crumbly that I can break it into 4 pieces for 4 uses, which works out to $2.75 per bath. Aside from the delicious scent, one quadrant gives lots of bubbles, and manages to tint the bath a gorgeous pink. Because a bubble bar has to be crumbled under running water, that pink is most intense near the tap and ombrés out towards the other end of the tub. It’s fantastic and I love it, okay?

Ugh, now I want to take a bath…

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  • Dar

    I love the comforter, it’s my favourite lush product probably.
    The beauty community is a bit keen on baths (and as bath addict I’ll say rightfully so) there’s something about relaxing and indulging in a long soak that a shower just doesn’t do.

    Dar |

    • Do you use the whole bar of The Comforter at once, Dar, or do you break it up too? I feel like the whole bar would give oodles of bubbles!!

      • Dar

        Oh my if I used an entire bar for one go it’d b bubble-y doom! I break it up into 4-6 pieces usually.

        • amandarobots

          “Bubble-y doom”! That’s hilarious. I can usually get mine into 4 pieces. how do you manage 6?!