Simplehuman 8-inch Round Sensor Mirror Pro

As a makeup lover, it’s super easy for me to overlook the basics and get most excited about new highlighters products hitting the market. But Simplehuman’s 8-inch Round Sensor Mirror Pro is one staple that has seriously upgraded my makeup game.

This mirror has so many features that I’m so excited about, it’s hard to know where to start. It comes in rose gold and silver (and I chose the rose gold, of course). It charges via mini usb and is totally wireless once charged, which means you can do your makeup anywhere. And if the mirror’s 5x magnification level isn’t enough for you, there’s a teensy magnetic 10x supermagnified mirror that you can attach to the centre of the mirror, then secure to the back of the mirror when you’re not using it.

The mirror’s sensor is pretty cool, and is app-enabled lets you customize the kind of lighting it gives you. The Simplehuman app connects to your mirror via wifi and lets you control the light settings. I leave mine set on daylight, but you can also change the settings to see how your makeup will look when it’s overcast, in the office, in a restaurant, and by candlelight. You can also toggle how long the mirror stays lit when the sensor is activated.

So when I first unboxed the mirror and charged it up, I was absolutely horrified. I had never seen my face so magnified before, and it was not a pretty sight. There was so much texture…so many things to squeeze and pluck! So while Artemis played in the box the shipment came in, I plucked hairs I didn’t know existed.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there is a learning curve when it comes to doing your makeup in this mirror. The first time I did my makeup with it, I got super frustrated because my foundation didn’t seem to cover everything like it normally did and my eyebrows weren’t even remotely similar. I ran out of time while I was spot concealing and adjusting my brows, and had to leave the house. When I got to the mirror in the elevator, I was astounded by how amazing my makeup looked. That’s the genius of this mirror – if you can get your face looking half-decent with it, you’ll look phenomenal in real life.

The one drawback is the fact that it doesn’t have a normal, no-magnification setting. I do my makeup at a desk rather than in the bathroom or at a vanity, so with this mirror’s magnification, it’s hard to do my hair or check that my eyebrows or liner wings look the same. I still use my old mirror – which features a “normal” side, with no magnification – to double check for things like symmetry.

Another drawback is the price. At $299CAD, she’s not cheap. If you’ve got some birthday or treat-yo-self money to spend or you’re looking for a nice gift, though, this is a wonderful addition to any makeup lover’s vanity. It makes a world of difference – seriously!

Thank you to Simplehuman for sending this product along for my consideration.

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