I love perfume. Maybe a little too much. Recently, I’ve been convincing myself not to buy any more full-size perfumes because I have too many. However, as the seasons change, I always find myself wanting to try a different scent.

Enter Scenteor, a Canadian-friendly fragrance subscription service. Although our neighbours south of the border have enjoyed fragrance subscriptions for years, prohibitive shipping costs or unavailable Canadian shipping altogether have prevented me from doing the same. What I love about Scenteor is that they ship to Canada – for free.

The company offers you a chance to really get to know a perfume before you commit to buying it. For CAD $17.99 (with free Canadian shipping!), you get a month’s worth of the popular designer fragrance of your choice.

The first shipment include the gorgeous rose gold Scenteor case that’s great for travel and touch-ups. I love that the case feels weighty and luxe because for me, fragrance is an indulgent experience that makes me feel good. The case is lovely and adds to that experience. After the first month, you’ll get a refill cartridge of a new fragrance that you can put into the case.

I chose Chloé by Chloé. With notes of peony and rose, it’s a classic floral that warms up nicely and isn’t overwhelming on my skin. It’s springtime and femininity in a bottle.

If you’d like to, you can use my affiliate code amandaroberts25 to save 25% off your first month.

This post is not sponsored, but does contain an affiliate code for which I receive commission. Thank you to Scenteor for providing this sample for my review.

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