Review: The Womanizer Pro40

I follow a few sex bloggers and YouTubers, and I like to do my research before investing in a new toy the same way I do my research before buying a new foundation. Most of the time, toys that get a lot of hype don’t catch my attention, or seem to have mixed reviews. But this one is a little different, because it really delivers. The Womanizer Pro40 is the Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation of sex toys: so worth the hype.

Despite being lumped into the vibrator category, the Womanizer Pro40 ($169.95 at Venus Envy, which is my fave sex store in Ottawa) is neither a vibrator nor a clitoral pump. The concept is actually relatively unique*: you position the little silicone head on the clitoris and the device delivers quick bursts of air pressure to the localized area.

Because it’s such a different kind of toy, there’s a bit of a learning curve. After a few uses, though, you get the hang of it. The sensation is unique and, when turned up all the way, can get intense af. It doesn’t feel like vibration or suction – I honestly think that only a toy like this can produce this kind of sensation. The result of novelty and really precise, intense stimulation, for me, was a really quick climax. Like, within 3 minutes quick, when it usually takes at least double that.

In terms of build, quality, and specs, it ticks all my boxes. It’s rechargeable with a wall charger, which is a must in a luxury toy – who’s got time to switch batteries in an emergency?! It feels smooth and weighty in the hand. The head is made of silicone and is detachable, and the entire device is waterproof for easy cleaning or in case things get splashy.

The controls are easy to use and really thoughtfully designed, which I appreciate. It’s designed to use “upsidedown,” with the power button at the bottom and the +/- speed controls on top. What I especially love is that, when using it on one of the higher speeds, giving the power button a quick press will bring the toy back down to its lowest setting. This is fantastic for those of us who enjoy intense stimulation to get there, but prefer something gentler during orgasm.

There are a few things I don’t quite love, though. When turned on, a weird red light goes on inside the silicone head area (as you can see in the first photo), and I truly don’t understand the purpose of that. The price is high, but it is a luxury toy and – in my opinion – worth the investment.

My biggest gripe as a woman and a feminist (and a would-be feminist theorist) is that I don’t love the name. “Womanizer” has misogynistic connotations – and rightly so! – so I don’t understand why a company would name a product designed for people with vaginas (many of whom are women) something so anti-woman. Finally, the it’s not exactly discreet in the sound department. It’s moderately loud and buzzy when powered on, and the noise decreases when it’s properly positioned against the clitoris (that’s part of how you know you’ve got it positioned right). Even then, it’s not the quietest toy, and probably isn’t great if you’ve got roommates you aren’t super close with 😉

* Although it’s been copied by a few other brands at a lower price point, sometimes price and quality really are correlated, and I wanted to get the original.

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