Pat McGrath Labs Metalmorphosis 005 Kit in Bronze – Swatches on Dark Skin

Previous releases from Pat McGrath Labs, although gorgeous, haven’t quite been my cup of tea for various reasons. The initial highlighter release wasn’t available in Canada, if I recall, and then there was like one shade of lipstick that I was interested in, but I didn’t think it was worth it for the price.

The Metalmorphosis Kit in Bronze, however, is exactly the kind of thing I need in my life. So I got in on the Pat McGrath goodies.

Let’s talk packaging for a minute. The packaging is equal parts fun, messy, and impractical. The sequin-filled package is super fun and totally photographable. However, when I pulled the products out, they had sequin bits stuck to them by static, which subsequently got all over my apartment. Messy. But I’ll forgive because sequins.

The glam sequins contrast sharply with the plain, cheap-looking packaging of the actual products. Weird. It’s unique, I’ll give it that. It’s inspired by lab sample packaging, but I find it neither attractive nor practical. It’s not especially sturdy, which is something that I want in single products. But hey, maybe Pat put her money into the formula, right?

I’d say she did. The kit comes with four products: a cream, a pigment, some Mehron Mixing Liquid, and a dual-ended black eyeliner. I’ll say it right now: I bought this formula for the cream and the pigment. I might use the Mixing Liquid for a night out or while filming a video, but I’m not especially interested in the eyeliner. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is the be and end all of liner for me, and I’m not particularly interested in re-learning how to wing my liner with a new liner. I’ll pass this one on to my mom.

Swatches top to bottom: Cream + Pigment, Pigment only, Cream only

Nonetheless, the two products I really got this kit for totally deliver. The cream is like a higher-end version of ColourPop shadows. It’s kind of a cream-gel-mousse hybrid and this baby does not want to crease on my oily, hooded lids. It’s awesome on its own or as a base for other products. The pigment is a unique formula as well. It’s best applied with my finger, and is a little bit chunky, but I like that – it gives it a textured look. If you want it totally smooth, there’s always the Mixing Liquid or some good ol’ MAC Fix+ Plus.

If you’re on the fence about these kits, I’d say pick one up if you like shimmer. It’s a fun experience (sequins), and the products are good quality and unique.

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