ColourPop Blotted Lip Review – Lip Swatches on Dark Skin

When it comes to lip products, I feel like we’ve got all the bases covered. Between mattes, satins, and glosses of various opacities, we’re pretty much set, right?

ColourPop – the innovators they are – didn’t think so. They came out with a pretty unique combination, actually: lipsticks that are matte and sheer. It’s a combination that I don’t think has been done elsewhere (or at the very least isn’t popular enough for me to have tried it before).

ColourPop’s Blotted Lips promise sheer colour with a matte finish for a popsicle-stained effect. As someone who spent her childhood pretending popsicles were lipstick and deliberately trying to stain her lips with them, I was like hey, sign me the heck up.

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JeJoue Mimi Soft Luxury Vibrator Review

So here’s the thing: I love sex, and I love sex toys. I love these things as much as I love makeup – maybe more.

For a while, I’ve been toying (get it? Because sex toys?) with the idea of reviewing vibrators and other sexy items here on my blog, but I thought my dear readers might not be interested (at best) or might be scandalized (at worst).

This will forever be a beauty blog first, but I’ve been dabbling with lifestyle posts – including ones on menstrual products, dating, and mental health! – and I wanted to incorporate yet another thing I’m passionate about.

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US Haul – Ulta and Drugstores

Occasionally, I find myself in the United States for various reasons, and I almost always buy makeup. I can’t help it – there’s so much that we miss out on here in Canada, especially dark foundation shades and products geared towards Black women. So when I went to Philadelphia to visit my family last week, I made sure to hit up an Ulta and a Rite Aid in between stuffing my face with cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, and water ices.

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Two Things I’ve Learned in Therapy

So I’ve been doing this talk therapy thing with various mental health professionals for twelve years now, six of which have been with the same psychiatrist. In my experience, it’s the kind of thing that leaves me with more questions than answers and I never really feel like I’m done. I’m okay with that, though. I’m not done – I’m cookie dough.

I have learned things along the way, though, and although I’ve never been super into diaries I’ve found myself thinking about the things I’ve learned lately. I thought I’d share.

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Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder in Medium Deep

I, like the rest of the makeup-wearing population, love the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder in all its skin-mattifying, pore-blurring, bake-worthy glory.

My one complaint was that because it was white, the original shade would leave me looking ashy (especially in the summer when I get my tan on). Normally, I’d bronze up the outside of my face to warm things back up – there’s almost always a way to make it work, but the point is that (dark-skinned) people of colour shouldn’t have to make things work when things just work for light-skinned folks, y’know? But that’s a different blog post altogether…

Tl; dr (do people still say that?): Laura Mercier finally came out with a shade of Translucent Setting Powder that doesn’t go Casper on darker skin, and it’s glorious.

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Livia – The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain?

I’ve suffered through excruciating menstrual cramps every month since my very first period at age 9. Like, debilitating. So bad I’d throw up at times. I took birth control to manage the pain for about five years, but when I went off the Pill (for a variety of reasons), the cramps were back in full force. Normally, I take an extra strength Advil every six hours or so to manage the pain on days one, two, and three of my period.

In desperation, last June, I contributed to Livia’s Indiegogo campaign.

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3 Bronzers for Dark Skin

It’s that time of year again: my Instagram feed is flooded with posts talking about bronzers and self-tanners to get that sun-kissed glow in a safe way. However, very rarely do these posts talk about bronzers for dark skin.

This is partly because, unfortunately, being darker is still stigmatized within POC communities. I remember getting very dark as a child on summer vacations and being teased for it. It’s also partly because many companies exclude dark-skinned POC from their shade ranges altogether.

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