OPI Washington DC Collection with Kerry Washington for Fall 2016

It’s been an extremely long time since I’ve gotten really excited about an OPI collection. Not since 2011’s Katy Perry collab (hello, Teenage Dream) have I been foaming at the mouth, waiting for a collection to drop. That coupled with my recent love of DIY gel manicures (do we want a blog post on that, by the way?) means I really haven’t been buying much from the brand.

Enter this fall’s Washington DC Collection. Most of the shades in the collection are permanent, but the limited edition shades in collaboration with Kerry Washington (and Squeaker of the House, which is permanent) really got my motor going.


I got a full-size bottle of Squeaker of the House, which is a beautiful mouse-y taupe (you know how I feel about that word, but it fits here, okay?) with a hint of purple. When I’m stumped for what to put on my nails, I go for this because it’s subtle, polished (ha), and on-trend all at once.

The other three shades are the LE colours that Kerry Washington chose and named. The adorably-named Kerry Blossom is a rich, warm purple that’s not too vampy and looks phenomenal on short, square nails. Liv in the Gray is a deep, cool gray that I reach for when I want to feel edgy-but-not. Inside the “Isabelle”tway is a sandy brown that’s a warm nude for my skin.

Basically, my nails this fall have been an endless rotation of these four. If you haven’t picked them up – especially the LE shades – you should!

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