MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Blush and Highlighters – Swatches on Dark Skin

Every so often, a makeup product comes along that is so good that it activates a certain Pokémon instinct within me. That’s how I feel about the MAC Extra Dimension Blushes: gotta catch ’em all.

Glowy cheeks are my favourite. I used to achieve the look with highlighter paired with matte blush, but lately, I’ve been loading up on the glow with sheeny blush and highlight.

The MAC Extra Dimension Blushes that I’ve picked up so far are the shades Hard to Get and Sweets for My Sweet. Hard to Get is more of a brown-burgundy shade; Sweets for My Sweet is a true pink.

Top to bottom: Sweets for My Sweet, Hard to Get, Oh Darling

What I love about the formula is that you can really pack it on and go in heavy-handed. It’s fairly sheer, so if you prefer or are used to super pigmented blushes you might not love this one. But it really melts into the skin for a pretty glow without too much sparkle. My one complaint might be that it would be nice to have a little bit more pigmentation, but I work around that either by using them as a blush topper or by really building it up.

MAC also brought back Oh, Darling from the 2015 Christmas collection. Did I need another pale gold highlight? Absolutely not. But it’s gorgeous nonetheless.

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