Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème

Look. I adore Kat Von D. I had the biggest crush on her on L.A. Ink because she was so cool and laidback and funny. Her liquid lipsticks are some of my favourites in my collection (um, hello Lolita). Nothing beats her Tattoo Liner. The original Lock It Tattoo Concealer is my favourite for covering blemishes. However, her foundation and powder shades for dark skin tend to be hopelessly out of touch with what actual dark skin looks like, and her contour kit is way too light to contour anyone darker than an NC40 or so.

So when I heard that Kat was reformulating her complexion line, adding shades, and bringing out a new Concealer Crème, I was excited and hopeful! Concealer is one of my staple makeup products, so you can bet I was down to try hers.

I always check out the darkest shade in a line, and I found that Deep 39 was too cool for me – I have warm undertones, and it definitely looked a little grey, which is not what I wanted for under my eyes. The next shade up, Deep 37, looked a little on the warm side, but so did the next two lightest shades, so I went with 37 and thought I could make it work.

I was incorrect.

The colour is so warm, you guys. Now, I don’t knock warm – I use an orange colour corrector under my eyes every day to warm up my dark circles. I have warm undertones, so warm works for me. But the shade Deep 37 is weirdly orange for a concealer, but not orange enough to live life as a colour corrector. I posted about it on Instagram – here it is sandwiched between the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Amande (bottom) and the Smashbox Look Less Tired Dark Colour Corrector Stick (top).

On the face, it makes my under-eye area look weird, burnt, and disconnected from the rest of my face. I look like a warm raccoon. It’s not super noticeable, but I notice it and it bugs me, and in makeup that’s all that matters: what you think of yourself. It doesn’t photograph too badly, which is interesting for sure!


It’s a real shame that there isn’t a shade to match me because the formula is really nice – pigmented, high-coverage, creamy, crease-resistant. You get a decent amount of product and the packaging is both cute and practical.

Here’s to hoping that KVD and team actually look at some Black people next time they formulate their dark shades. We are not as orange as they seem to think!

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