How to Get Back Your Healthy Hair

You’re reading this because your hair is dry, brittle, overused, abused and everything else in between. You’re either trying to grow back your hair or fix your current situation. The thought of buying a wig or chopping off all your hair seems very realistic right now. I’ve been there, I empathize and I’m telling you it’s going to be okay.

I have naturally curly hair (very dry) and have gone through almost every hair scenario you can think of. I’ve had the long luscious locks, chopped it into a pixie, over bleached, over dyed, and got extensions. I’ve watched every YouTube video and read almost every article for getting back healthy hair and this is what worked for me.

You May Have To Say Goodbye To Your Hair
Depending on what your current state is, you may have to consider chopping some of it off to get on the road to healthy hair. It’s hard, I know. Although I can guarantee you the hair will grow back and the below steps will show you how.

Pick A Color and Stick With It
The journey to dream hair is a long one and you one you need to commit to. This means picking a hair color (ideally your natural one) and stick with it. It might be 6 months, but for those 6 months you don’t want to put any chemicals that could potentially damage your hair. Even if it is done by a professional.

Regular Trims Are A Must
You’ve heard this rule since you were a kid, and it’s so true. As much as it sucks to get the hair you’re trying to grow out cut off, trimming your hair is crucial. If there’s any breakage in your hair ,(and if you’re consistently coloring it, there most likely is) it’s going to spread and your hair will never grow.

Keep The Heat To A Minimum
I know more than anyone the urge to straighten your hair, but you have to control yourself! The less heat, the better. Most styling products can go up to 450 degrees, think about what can get burned in an oven at that temperature. Now you want to put that heat directly on your hair? Trust me, buy some curling serum and embrace the friziness.

Masks Are Your Best Friend
Whether it be a DIY or a mask from the drug store try to use a mask once a week. Your hair is so dry and is dying for the moisture. When you’re looking, try to find a mask with protein! If you haven’t tried it yet, you will notice a HUGE difference.

Take Your Vitamins
A great tip would be taking daily vitamins! They don’t necessarily have to be hair growth pills, but anything with B and B12 will really help your hair growth! I relied off vitamins to get me from a pixie to shoulder length.

Be Patient!
This is the most obvious rule, but nobody (including myself gets it). Other than purchasing extensions, there are really no other precautions you can take to get that long luscious hair. It won’t happen overnight and accept that.

The best thing you can do is just embrace it! Chances are if you’re trying to grow out your hair because you hate the way it is now, you’re not going back to the pixie. So rock the hairstyle the best way you can, because you probably won’t have the chance to 6 months from now.

Jossyl Bacalla is a Toronto-born, LA-based producer, production coordinator, blogger, and YouTuber. You can find her swooning over Liam Neeson and Jeff Goldblum, planning her next Julie Andrews tattoo, or eating Oreos with almond milk. Her blog, JossBecause, covers lifestyle, relationships, entertainment, food, fashion, beauty, and almost anything in between.

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