Hot Head Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

I’m working my way towards longer, stronger, more moisturized hair. And as the weather gets colder, let me tell you, it ain’t easy. I’ve been looking for a way to enhance my weekly deep conditioning treatments – you know, something beyond a plastic bag and a towel on my head to keep the heat in.

My curly hair is low-porosity. That means that the cuticle of the hair – the little scaley, shingle-y things on the outside of the shaft – is tightly shut. This makes it hard for moisture to get in there.

Heat can help open up the cuticle, enabling the moisture from water and my deep conditioner to penetrate the shaft. But getting consistent but comfortable heat on my head for my 30-minute deep conditioning process was challenging without the aid of a hood dryer, which I have neither money nor space for.

The Hot Head Deep Conditioning Heat Cap is a brilliant, cost-effective solution to this problem. It’s essentially a thick fabric shower cap with little flax seed bits inside. After putting a plastic shower cap (or bag!) on your conditioner-covered head, you pop it in the microwave and carefully heat it up according to the accompanying instructions. After making sure it isn’t too hot, you put it on top of the plastic and let it sit for a while. I reheat mine at least once because I like a longer deep conditioning sesh and the heat on my head feels really soothing.

When I rinse my hair and style as usual after using the cap, my hair is softer, more manageable, and feels healthier than my old towel-on-plastic-bag method. I feel like I’ve upgraded and gone high tech – in a good way of course! My curls – and most low-porosity curls – respond really well to a heated deep condition. I love a good #SelfcareSunday, and the Hot Head cap has been an awesome addition to my routine.

You can get it on Etsy or on their website.

Thanks to Hot Head for sending me the product for my consideration!

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