Egyptian Magic


My body is a paradox. My face will sometimes get so greasy, I may as well have set my makeup with cooking spray. My body, on the other hand, is dry and itchy 24/7, 365. My legs in particular are a problem area – they’re dry, cracked, and – on the very coldest days of the year – painful. I struggle to find a moisturizer that lasts more than a few hours.When Egyptian Magic reached out to me with an offer to try their product, I knew exactly where I’d try it first.

It’s essentially a multipurpose balm that not only delivers serious hydration, but works to seal that moisture in. The balm has a long list of celebrity fans, including Lauren Conrad. Honestly, I think I’d buy anything that woman recommends. (I’m still not over Laguna Beach and The Hills. I’m still mad at Heidi on Lauren’s behalf. And don’t get me started on Spencer.)

The packaging is no-nonsense, to the point – but I like that. To me, that means that a company put their money into the formula, which I’m totally good with. The product itself has a mysterious background – one of the ingredients is “divine love,” and a man named LordPharaoh ImHotepAmonRa runs the company. (Based on Egyptian mythology I know that his chosen name makes little sense and borders on cultural appropriation but it’s undeniably whimsical and enigmatic.)

I take a little bit of the balm, rub it in my palms until it turns all oily, and go to town. I like this stuff for the absolute driest, stubbornest, most dehydrated parts of my body – legs, heels, elbows, knees, cuticles. The best part is that it stays put long after other creams and balms wear off and leave my skin dry again. It has a billion and one other uses aside from basic moisturizing. Apparently it also works as a personal lubricant, but I have a temperamental and precariously-balanced vagina so I think I’ll skip that one.

Although I was sent this jar for free in exchange for my review, when it’s done I’ll be needing the largest tub they sell. (Good thing they have a Canadian website now to make things easy-peasy for us maple-syrup-loving folk!)

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