The DevaCut: My Experience at the DevaChan Salon Soho NYC – with Curly Hair Styling Typs

DevaCurl is where I got my curly start. I bought and read Lorraine Massey’s book The Curly Girl Handbook cover to cover shortly after I started wearing my hair curly regularly. So when my boyfriend and I planned a trip to New York City, you can bet I booked a trip to the DevaCurl DevaChan Salon in Soho.

When I arrived for my DevaCut appointment with Ana Paula, I checked in at the front desk and was directed to the coat check, which is located in the Departure Lounge (cute). I checked my coat and received a ticket and a pink satin robe to wear (also cute) to protect my clothing.

After a short wait in the lounge, Ana Paula brought me to her chair and asked me to talk to her as she looked at and felt my hair. She told me that my present cut didn’t do much to frame my face and suggested bangs for the front. I showed her photos of women with round, layered curly cuts with bangs – we were on the same page from the start.

While she dry-cut my hair curl by curl, Ana Paula encouraged me to ask her questions that the CG method doesn’t necessarily cover. These are the tips and tricks that stuck with me the most:

Second-day hair is a matter of compromise and negotiation. // You may not get the results you want on day one, and if you do, you may not get the results you want on day two. Flat hair on day one, for example, leaves room for the volume I want on day two. And on that note…

Skip moisturizing products on day 2. // I thought that adding more product on day 2 (and 3, and 4, etc) would help redefine and revive my curls. In reality, it just creates frizz. Make the most of a solid wash and go by fixing particularly frizzy or wonky curls with a pomade or paste.

Avoid oils. // My stylist noted that my hair was oily, but still dry and dehydrated. That’s because I was slathering on the oils – coconut, almond, castor, olive – at every given opportunity. Oils can’t penetrate the hair shaft, so they just sort of sit there and don’t do much good. Instead, avoid silicones and sulphates to keep hair hydrated and happy.

Finger-detangling isn’t always best. // I was using oil to finger-detangle my hair, hoping that it helped reduce breakage. Fortunately, a wide-tooth comb is just as good (and much less time-consuming!).

Apply styling products soaking wet. // At DevaChan, they apply styling products in the wash basin after cleansing and conditioning. If the hair becomes too dry, they re-wet it. After applying styling products soaking wet, they remove some of the moisture using paper towel to avoid frizz.

If you have the opportunity to get a DevaCut, do. It’s expensive, but worth it. After all, it isn’t like splurging on a nice top you only wear once a week. This is your hair, and you have it with you always.

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