CoverFX Clear Cover Invisible Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Because I struggle with dark spots and unevenness and also don’t want skin cancer, I wear sunscreen every day. As a person with dark skin, finding a sunscreen that won’t make me grey or purple is a challenge. As a person with oily skin, finding a sunscreen that doesn’t make me greasy compounds the challenge. 

(Side note: I used to counteract my sunscreen’s ashiness with an orange primer, but I’m in a less-is-more place with my makeup right now and feel like added layers only make me greasier anyway.)

I was nearing the end of my Murad InvisiBlur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 – in fact, it had expired – and I was dreading repurchasing it because it costs a whopping $78CAD. Luckily, I spied CoverFX Clear Cover Invisible Sunscreen in the Sephora display before I grabbed the Murad, and I got pretty excited.

It’s the same concept: a completely clear gel that feels like a silicone-based primer on the skin. As far as I know, Murad’s was the first, and CoverFX is the only similar product on the market. At $58CAD, she’s still pricey, but I will gladly take that $20 savings thankyouverymuch.

They’re not identical, of course. CoverFX’s version is slightly less viscous and less silicone-y than Murad’s. Maybe this is why it pills less on the skin. It’s worth noting that they both do pill slightly, though this might just be a reaction between silicones in my moisturizer/serum and the sunscreen itself.

What I love about this product is that it’s completely clear – so no ashiness – and it doesn’t make me any oilier than usual. If, like me, you’ve avoided sunscreen because of the texture or look of it, Cover FX’s is worth picking up. Hopefully drugstore brands also catch wind of the clear sunscreen trend sometime soon, as well!

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  • I did a special training with cover fx and the co founder when I worked at Sephora and he was telling use about this product so I’m glad it’s out now I need this lol 🙂

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