Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector

Clarins INstant Light Lip Balm Perfector Red

Clarins is killing it in the lip department and they don’t get nearly enough credit for it.

New in for spring (but a now-permanent part of their collection) is an expansion on the Instant Light line: Instant Light Lip Balm Perfectors. The idea is just like the glosses that I love: a moisturizing, yummy-smelling treat for the lips with a sheer, natural wash of colour…now in lip balm form!

Lip Swatches

I got the shade Red – no points for colour name creativity – because it is one of the most pigmented ones, and I wanted something I could throw on and look like I put in an effort. It has the same sweet vanilla smell as the glosses, but the texture is thinner, smoother, and less goopy (obviously). The formula is, in theory, conducive to a mirrorless application, but it tends to go on a bit patchy and requires a little work for evenness (as you can probably see from the swatches), so I do use a mirror for application.

It wears nicely and evenly, and feels very comfortable on. I wouldn’t say my lips are as happy at the end of the day as if I had worn a conventional lip balm or a Tanya Burr lip gloss, but they’re happier than if I had worn a MAC lipstick, that’s for certain! If your lips are less fussy than mine, this’ll be an excellent tinted lip balm for you.

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