Sephora Spring VIB Rouge Sale Recommendations

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve as I write this. Except makeup. Help me.

Unlike Christmas, the Sephora sale comes but twice a year for members of the Beauty Insider program. We super-addicted top tier members get an extra day of shopping before the sale starts for everyone else on April 19th. It runs for about a week, and you can take advantage of it in store or online. In this year’s spring sale, VIB Rouges and VIBs get 15% off, and Beauty Insiders get 10% off. (The fall sale usually features a deeper discount.)

Because I’m addicted to makeup, I’ve been prepping my basket for weeks now. Adding things. Removing things. Adding more things…and to make my decisions, I rely on my fellow bloggers’ recommendation posts and videos. At the very last minute, I thought I’d share my top picks for the sale.

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I love perfume. Maybe a little too much. Recently, I’ve been convincing myself not to buy any more full-size perfumes because I have too many. However, as the seasons change, I always find myself wanting to try a different scent.

Enter Scenteor, a Canadian-friendly fragrance subscription service. Although our neighbours south of the border have enjoyed fragrance subscriptions for years, prohibitive shipping costs or unavailable Canadian shipping altogether have prevented me from doing the same. What I love about Scenteor is that they ship to Canada – for free.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit – Swatches on Dark Skin

I think we all know how I feel about highlighters at this point. I love them. They’re my thing and I overdose on the glow on a daily basis.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit formula is one of my faves. Smooth, buttery, and metallic rather than glittery, I own Sundipped and half of That Glow, which I split with a friend. It’s worth noting that I skipped the six-pan holiday Ultimate Glow kit because it was incredibly glittery when I swatched it in store.

When I first saw the ABH Nicole Guerriero collab, I knew I had to have it.

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Two Great Moisturizers for Combination and Oily Skin

To me, the cringiest beauty myth is that oily skin does not need moisturizer. All skin needs to be moisturized and cared for; the trick is finding a moisturizer with an appropriate texture for your skin type.

In the spring and summer especially, I tend to reach for gel and jelly consistencies. They’re lightweight, absorb well, and don’t leave my skin greasy. As a result, they sit beautifully under makeup, too. Now, these consistencies can be a bit light for me in the wintertime, but as we head into spring (hopefully), I’ve been a little oilier than I was in, say, January.

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Bite Beauty Lip Pencil – Lip Swatches on Dark Skin

Alright, so I’m super late to the game on this one for a variety of reasons and I apologize. One of those reasons is that I like to test a product pretty thoroughly – especially when it was sent to me to review – before posting my thoughts on it.

Bite Beauty – a brand that I absolutely LOVE – recently ventured into the realm of lip pencils. As a lip-centric brand, it’s a launch that just makes sense. I adore lip pencils – the likes of MAC Chestnut and Cork, and ColourPop BFF3 are staples in my arsenal when it comes to making light lipsticks and glosses more flattering, and making bold colour application more precise.

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Benefit Gimme Brow

Although Anastasia is the Queen of Brows, Benefit is a strong contender for that title, especially with their huge brow collection release in 2016.

Ka-Brow aside, my true favourite item from Benefit’s brow lineup is an old favourite: Gimme Brow. It’s a tinted brow gel with volumizing fibers in it that you swipe on with an itty-bitty brush. And that’s what makes it amazing.

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