My Curly Hair Journey

My curls and I have come a long way.

I never straightened with chemicals, but I used to use plenty of heat to straighten my hair on a regular basis.


As a result, I had LOTS of heat damage.

2013 heat damage

But about three years later, I’m really happy with my hair!
For all the details and more photos, check out my new video!

My Diva Cup Experience

I’ll warn you now, this post is not for the squeamish – it contains graphic descriptions of flow and insertion and bearing down. I figure about half the population menstruates or has menstruated, so there’s no sense being ashamed of or not talking about these things. In any case, this post’ll probably be most relevant or helpful to those of you who have uteruses and menstruate.

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The Lashes of My Dreams

The first time I tried lash extensions was last summer, and I loved them.

I had them for the better part of the summer and loved them, but had them removed before school started because the prospect of going out of my way for a fill every 3 weeks amid papers and assignments seemed daunting.

Now that the weather is getting nice again (tell that to the snow from last night), I got the itch again. I want to spend less time trying to make it look like I have eyelashes and spend more time doing stuff and things.

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Colonialism and Concealer: The Importance of Realistic Makeup Expectations


Over the past month or so, I have encountered numerous people in search of that one miracle product that will do x for them. I feel so sad when I have to let them down and tell them that there is no makeup product in the world that will do what they want it to do because it is physically impossible without surgery. Consider this a highlight reel and an education in what is reasonable to expect from your makeup.

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Fall TV Picks

Fall TV Picks

I watch too much TV.

Seriously. It’s to the point where I have to write in my planner what I intend to watch and when. But it isn’t my fault! There are too many good TV shows out there these days. Here’s my roundup of the ones I’ve been enjoying most this premiere season.

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