Bite Beauty Lip Pencil – Lip Swatches on Dark Skin

Alright, so I’m super late to the game on this one for a variety of reasons and I apologize. One of those reasons is that I like to test a product pretty thoroughly – especially when it was sent to me to review – before posting my thoughts on it.

Bite Beauty – a brand that I absolutely LOVE – recently ventured into the realm of lip pencils. As a lip-centric brand, it’s a launch that just makes sense. I adore lip pencils – the likes of MAC Chestnut and Cork, and ColourPop BFF3 are staples in my arsenal when it comes to making light lipsticks and glosses more flattering, and making bold colour application more precise.

I received the shades 020 and 044 for testing, along with matching shades in their Amuse Bouche lipstick line (which is dreeeeamy), Honeycomb and Whiskey.

The lighter shade is so incredibly light that I do intend to give it away to a White friend, because I really can’t figure out how to make this shade work for myself and it looks a little ridiculous as-is. I like the formula, though, and I hope to pick up 040, more of a neutral dark brown, from Sephora soon.

My favourite combination is the 044 Lip Pencil paired with the Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb, blended together vigorously. #sendnoodz

So here’s the breakdown…

The good. These pencils are super creamy and blend beautifully. This makes them comfortable to wear and versatile in their uses. You can wear them on their own, with a lip balm or gloss on top, or underneath lipstick. The formula really is unique in that it kind of feels like a satin lipstick going on, but is somehow still stiff enough not to slide all over the place. It does a lip pencil’s main job, which is extending the wear of whatever product you put on top.

The not so good. In terms of formula, the fact that the pencils are so soft and creamy means that, if sharpened too much, they tend to break while I’m applying them. But that’s the trade-off for such a creamy formula – which is fine, just something to be aware of.

The packaging also feels incredibly light and cheap. I mean, they’re extremely light for a wooden pencil – even MAC pencils feel heftier in the hand. In terms of cheapness, the little nub at the end that shows the colour of the lipstick came off in one of the caps for me, and I had to fish it out with tweezers. Less of an investment in packaging might mean that they put more thought and money into the formula itself, which – again – is a tradeoff that I’m okay with.

My final nitpicky thing is that I wish that the pencils had names rather than numbers, but that’s totally personal preference. None of this constitutes a dealbreaker or anything – I think that the good far outweighs the not-so-good when it comes to this launch!

I received Bite Beauty’s new lip pencils complimentary for review courtesy of Bite and Influenster.

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