BITE Beauty Lip Lab Toronto Experience – Swatches on Dark Skin (and Lots of Photos!)


Bite Beauty is an awesome Canadian brand using all food-grade ingredients. I have wanted to go to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in New York to make a custom lipstick since I learned of its existence a few years ago. So when I heard that there was a new flagship Bite Lip Lab in downtown Toronto, I asked my mom if we could go when I was visiting her for Reading Week. I knew I wanted to make a rosey-brown, everyday colour similar to MAC Whirl, because #noodzarelife. But upon learning that one lipstick is $55 CAD and two are $80, I opted for two, and settled on a berry for the second one.


The most important thing to note is probably that, with a standard service, there is no actual mixing of pigment. Erica, the associate helping me, explained that there are a whole bunch of pigments already mixed, and you get to choose the base formula and scent that get added to yours. I chose the Amuse Bouche formula for my rosey-brown, and a matte high-pigment formula for my berry.

Before mixing or trying any lipsticks, there’s an extensive prep process. We prepped my lips with the Bite Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub, primed with Bite’s Line and Define Lip Primer, and then moisturized with some of the Bite Agave Lip Mask.


Erica mixed pigments with bases using a palette knife and a clear piece of plastic as a palette. We tried two shades for the rosey-brown, and ultimately my mom and I chose the first one. Then we tried a dark brown just for fun, and moved on to the berries. The first berry was too bright pink, but the second one was perfect and absolutely gorgeous.

I snapped selfies of each of them to try to capture both the swatches and the experience to share with you!
I snapped selfies of each of them to try to capture both the swatches and the experience to share with you!

Then it was time to choose a scent (flavour?) for each lipstick. You can combine up to two scents per lipstick. I knew going in that I wanted one of them to be coconut, because how many times do you get a freakin’ coconut-scented lipstick?! All lipsticks seem to be vanilla or mint. I got pretty excited about the idea of cherry-vanilla because Cherry Vanilla Coke is my favourite beverage ever forged by man. Ultimately, coconut went in the #nood and cherry-vanilla went in the berry!


Then I ate a cookie while Erica melted down the lipstick pigment and bases (in a microwave!) and added in the scents. She then poured the liquefied lipsticks into a metal lipstick mold sitting on a cold slab to help it set quickly. How long the lipstick takes to set depends on the formula: mattes set quickly, but the Amuse Bouche and sheer formulas take longer because they contain more oils. Once the lipsticks were set, Erica put them into the tubes and we were done!


The one way that Bite could enhance the already-fantastic experience would be to add a formal naming process, with a little handwritten or print label. Naming your lipsticks could take that personal touch one step further. Of course, there’s nothing that stops you from naming your lipsticks on your own, which I’ve done. I’m calling the nude shade “Artemis” after my cat because I’m obsessed with her, and the berry shade “Don’t Be Jelly” because it reminds me of jelly 😉

Overall, I loved the experience and am so happy with my lipsticks. The associates/technicians are really sweet, friendly, and willing to explain and walk you through the whole process. Obviously, Bite Beauty quality is fantastic. If you’re a beauty lover living in or visiting Toronto, it’s a fun and unique experience that you can only really get in a few places in the world.


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  • I can’t wait to go! And you’re so right – how often do you run into a coconut scented lipstick?! Never! I’m going to get the coconut scent too when I make mine! Thanks for posting about your experience!