Biore Baking Soda Skincare Line

Biore is one of those drugstore brands that tends to innovate with new or trendy ingredients – first charcoal, now baking soda.

As with many Biore products, the goal for this line is to clean deep down into the pore and get any blockages or gunk out of there. I have lots and lots of clogged pores on my nose, and have a really difficult time keeping them clear despite having an existing skincare routine. Because of this, I was really excited to try this line. I was wary, however, because Biore cleansers have dried my skin out in the past. Nonetheless, I was ready to give it a shot.


I tried the cleanser first, and it was as I expected. It has a slight grit to it, and left my skin feeling soft. Unfortunately, my skin felt tight and uncomfortable after the first use. I persisted, just to see if there were any pore-clearing benefits, and I didn’t notice any. What I did notice is that my skin got a little flaky and ashy in my dry areas (around my mouth and nose), and that my skin would burn when I would tone and apply my serum and moisturizer. No bueno.

If you have skin that is a) super oily, and b) very resilient, then maybe give this cleanser a try. If you have any dry or sensitive areas, this cleanser is just stripping.

(As a side note, my boyfriend tried this cleanser as well and he finds it drying after a few days of consecutive use, too.)


On to the cleansing scrub, which is what I was most excited, curious, and optimistic about. I wasn’t disappointed! It’s a powdered exfoliator activated with water. This kind of product is not new on the shelves of Sephora (I believe Boscia makes one), but as far as I know, this is a first at the drugstore.

I’ll usually pour a generous amount of the powder into my hand and sprinkle in a few drops of warm water. It’s at this point that I usually feel like a mad scientist, because the mixture actually fizzes up, science-fair-baking-soda-volcano style. Yaaaaaas science. This is, of course, unnecessary, but it’s a cool experience nonetheless.

The exfoliating action is neither too gritty nor too gentle – it’s about just right for me. I haven’t experienced any dry flakiness, either. To my delight, the pores on my nose appear smoother and cleaner after each use, which I really appreciate. Overall, it leaves my skin soft and smooth.

The only con I can think of for this product is the minty, cooling sensation on the skin. This is probably intended to give a clean feeling (kinda like when you brush your teeth?) but I just find it irritating and a little too intense. It lingers after I wash the product off and as I tone, which can lead to a bit of burning around the nose.

Nonetheless, I’ll probably continue using with this one – I really like it!

Special thanks to Influenster, who sent these products to me for free for me to test. All opinions are, of course, completely honest and my own.

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