Becca Luminous Blush in “Dahlia”

When it comes to shimmery face things, Becca is the undisputed reigning champ.

So when they announced their Luminous Blush formula, I peed a little. And when I saw the shade Dahlia, I peed a little more. And then ordered it when it came online.

See, for me, for blushes, there’s no in-between. I like neutral flushes of colour like MAC Raizin or Blunt, or I like deep, bold, or bright colours applied with a light hand.


I was apprehensive about using a shimmery blush because I tend to prefer high shine in a very specific area (ie my cheekbones). I want to blind you with my highlight, not my blush, you know? So I was pleasantly surprised to find that this blush truly is luminous – it isn’t glittery or even all that shimmery on the cheek. It imparts an incredible glow that just looks healthy and youthful and lovely. If you normally go for matte blush, give this one a try for the summer – it’s a refreshing change!

You get a decent amount of product – I’ve photographed it beside Champagne Pop for reference – and the packaging is that classic, sleek Becca compact.


As for the colour, Dahlia is a beautiful berry shade. If you’re very fair, go in with an extremely light hand, but this shade is fab for people of colour who have a hard time with more popular glowy blushes like Nars Orgasm.

The formula is surprisingly long lasting, even on my oily skin. I’m not sure whether that’s just because the colour is so pigmented, but it’s smooth and buttery and stays on the cheeks in a way that rivals Nars blushes (which are probably my fave).

Overall, definitely worth a try! I want other colours.

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