Battle of the Brow Pomades: Anastasia vs. ColourPop vs. Benefit

Ever since the dawn of time, I have loved Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.

JK, but it’s been a long time, okay? And that makes it even harder to say this: I’ve found similar products that I like better.

Dipbrow is notoriously tricky to use. When I first started using it, my brows looked a mess. Now, with about 5-7 minutes of fiddling and blending, I can usually get a pretty nice-looking brow situation happening. If I’m lucky, m brows approach fleekness.

Dipbrow (which I wear in Medium Brown) is pigmented, precise, and quite creamy/thin, but somehow this combination makes it hard to blend. I didn’t realize how annoying this was until I got the ColourPop Brow Colour (in Black n’ Brown). It’s the same concept – a brow pomade – but it’s a little stiffer and more powdery, and less pigmented. This makes it more forgiving than Dipbrow and easier to blend. I can carve out better-looking brows in record time because I don’t have to spend 6.2 years blending. The fact that it’s less pigmented means I need to use a little more, but given the already-reasonable price and the fact that I got it in the ColourPop flash sale, I’m okay with that.


Even better than the ColourPop Brow Colour – if you can believe it – is the Benefit ka-BROW!. I’m instantly skeptical of anything Benefit. Their foundations, blushes, and bronzers are not made with Black people in mind, which sends me the message that the brand isn’t really for me, you know? But any new brow products instantly get my attention, and previewing them at Generation Beauty got me really interested.

I got this little sample of ka-BROW! in a Sephora order. I got the shade 5, but when I purchase it ¬– and oh, I will purchase it – I’ll probably get shade 6. It still works for me, but I’d like a little more oomph to my brows. The packaging of the sample kind of sucks because the narrow bottle neck makes it really difficult to get a brush in there. The product comes with a brush in the lid, but I like a brush with a spoolie on the other side and so stick to my ABH #12 brush.

The product itself, though, is like the ColourPop Brow Colour and ABH Dipbrow had a baby. (Y’know – if brow products were alive and could do that.) It’s not too stiff or too creamy. It’s almost powdery on the skin, but stays pigmented. Best of all, it’s easy to blend. I’ve been having some of the best (and quickest!) brows of my life, you guys.

It’s that good. Really.

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