All About Air Plants


Air plants are equal parts cute and weird. I love them because, like succulents and cacti, they are pretty tough to kill and I’m not very good at keeping normal plants alive.

I started collecting air plants last summer when I found one cutie at a farmer’s market. Now, I make a point of going into quirky little flower shops because, thanks to Instagram and Pinterest, they’re popping up everywhere.


Tillandsias, as they’re technically called, are super easy to take care of. They grow without soil, so they get all their water through their leaves. Once a week, I take mine down and give them a water bath in a jar for a while. I think the technical guideline is 30 minutes, but sometimes I forget about them and they seem to be okay with that.

The only thing to be mindful of is that, apparently, they do not like copper. Don’t do what I did and buy geometric shapes or himmelis to put them in without researching what they’re made of before you buy them.

Copper is a no.
Copper is a no.

I love them because they make such pretty decor pieces. Most of the time, mine chill out in these little glass globes that I got on Amazon and hung from my ceiling with Command hooks. (Not-so-pro tip: hang them with fishing line to emulate the floaty, ethereal vibe I’m going for; use twine instead for a more rustic, everything-in-a-Mason-jar, Pinterest-y feel.)

I’m sure that there are more interesting ways to display them, but the globes get bonus points in my books because they keep my plants away from my cat, who loves them. 😉


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