My Favourite Lip Glosses in the World Ever: Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses – Lip Swatches on Dark Skin

I hate lip gloss – or I thought I did. It’s too sticky, leaves my lips dry afterwards, and doesn’t pack enough punch in the pigment department to make it worthwhile. That’s what I thought, anyhow, until I discovered the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Glosses.

I love these glosses because of how they feel on my lips. They’re actually moisturizing, and leave my lips feeling like I wore a balm all day. They’re not super sticky, either, so they’re comfortable to wear. And the pigmentation, you guys. ABH could easily market these as a glossy liquid lipstick. There’s nothing sheer about them when you apply them full-on, although you can sheer them out if you so choose.

If you’re a fan of sheer, easy-to-wear glosses, however, you might want to pass on them. The level of pigmentation combined with the glossiness means that they require a pretty precise application, and they sometimes bleed outside the lip line. I wouldn’t go for these in any of the bolder shades unless you plan to use them as a topper for a matte lipstick or liner.

The neutral colours, though, are phenomenal. I have Fudge, Warm Bronze, and Tara, and I clearly have a type. They’re all different though, I swear! Fudge is the deepest of the three shades, and is a reddish brown. Warm Bronze is the punchiest, with the most pink and some shimmer to it. Tara is my most recent addition, and it’s kind of a terracotta brown.

Honestly, ABH has to be one of my favourite brands. They do so many things so well – eyeshadow, highlighter, brows, contour, and gloss!

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  • They look so natural on your lips! I will have to try these because I don’t like to much the lip gloss too.


    • Amanda Roberts

      Thanks so much! They really are great glosses, especially for people who don’t like gloss.