A New Breed of Hair Elastic

I’m a sucker for newness.

Sure, I’d seen those weird, telephone-cable hair elastics on Instagram, but thought nobody actually uses those things, right?

Then I was in line at Starbucks behind a girl wearing one in her hair. She had fine, straight hair, and it made her ponytail look all piecey and weird…but it was staying in place, and I was intrigued. If the Invisibobble worked on fine, straight hair, would it work on thick curls?

So I picked it up at Nordstrom, and I have to say that I’m liking it.

The main claim that the Invisibobble makes is that it doesn’t leave a kink in the hair when you take it down from a ponytail. I rarely have issues with kinks unless I wrap my hair elastic super tight, so that’s not really an issue for me. What I like most about it is that the smooth, plastic surface doesn’t rip my hair out. My previous DIY hair elastics are good, but my hair would get wound around it and pull out when I removed it; that can’t be good for my already-fragile curls. This avoids that whole situation.


Another perk to the plastic hair elastic is that I can use it to tie up my hair while deep conditioning in the shower and it doesn’t get all soaked through with conditioner. Yes, a minor problem, but if you’re like me and can only keep track of one hair elastic at a time (thanks, cat), it can be annoying to have to pineapple your curls with a wet elastic at night.

The only downside of the Invisibobble is that it stretches out to about three times its original size with prolonged use. I saw on Instagram that pouring hot water on it makes it shrink back down to size, but I find that it doesn’t shrink back down quite as small as it was, and since it stretches out again anyway this is a bit of a futile exercise.

They come in a package of 3 for $10CAD at Nordstrom or Sephora. Since I can only keep track of one anyway, I kept one and gave one to my mom and the other to my aunt. Keep one and pass on the Invisibobble love!

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