A Lipstick Worth Waiting For


Last summer, at Sephora, I must have longingly swatched the Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1993 about a thousand times. It was always sold out. (That summer, almost everything Urban Decay was always sold out, but that’s a different story.)

When they announced that the Matte Revolution lipsticks were going to be discontinued, I was heartbroken. Then Urban Decay announced that 1993 would be making a comeback in their new Vice Lipstick range…and I began counting down the days until the release.

Let me tell you – it’s worth the wait.

The new UD Vice Lipsticks come in about a billion different finishes. 1993, a Comfort Matte, is the only one I bought and therefore the only one I can tell you about. But I’ll tell you this. It’s creamy, pigmented, smooth, and goes on evenly. It has a little bit of sheen to it, but isn’t glossy by any means. It doesn’t slip around like a glossy lipstick, either – it stays put all day. In fact, the staying power reminds me of MAC Matte and Retro Matte staying power, without the drying, chalky feel on the lips.

Because that’s the thing. It’s a Comfort Matte, and it really delivers on the comfort. When I took this off, my lips still felt moisturized. There were no flakes. No dehydrated, dry sponge feeling. Colour me impressed.


The colour itself is what I was lusting after back in its Revolution days. On me, I’d call it an amped-up nude. It’s a brown with just enough pink to it to liven up the lips and not give a corpse-y feel. (Not that the corpse-y feel is necessarily bad. MAC Stone is my everything.) This makes it awesome for everyday wear.

The fact that I don’t need a liner to make it work and that it’s named after the year I was born really seal the deal. I’m obsessed, and not even bothered about having to wait.

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