Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette – Review & Swatches on Dark Skin

I slept on the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Palette the first time, and because my bestie got it and liked it, I knew I wanted it if it ever came back. When CR announced its return in the summertime, I tried to get my hands on it only to have it sell out.

I think we all know how I feel about hard-to-get makeup at this point. (I don’t like it.) I’m a little more forgiving when it comes to indie brands, and I of course have a soft spot in my heart for Black-owned brands like Coloured Raine. I think the whole thing was poorly-handled, but ultimately they did the right thing making Queen of Hearts a permanent palette in their lineup.

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Orgasms for All! Durex Intense Orgasmic Collection

2017 was an important year for me because I had my first ever orgasm with a partner during penetrative sex.* This brings my grand total of partners I’ve had orgasms with up to two. That’s right – despite being sexually active for a number of years (with more than two partners, and not only men), I would rarely orgasm during partnered sex. The majority of those times, though, my partner would.

I thought it was normal, and a Durex Global Sex Survey confirms that I’m not the only one. Two thirds of women report that they don’t orgasm every time they have sex, but claim they’re still satisfied. Most of these women also think that it’s important for their partner to orgasm. And it’s no wonder –  we live in a phallocentric world, and this phallocentricity translates to sex. Sex ed and mainstream porn and media teach that us that sex ends when a penis goes sploosh, but Durex wants to change that. With their Intense Orgasmic line of products, Durex places more focus on orgasms for both parties during sex, especially for women and people with vaginas. I had the chance to try the line out and I can confirm, life is better with more orgasms.

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My Top 10 Products of 2017

I thought I could do a top 7 to be cute and match with last year’s top 6, but I couldn’t okay? I just. Couldn’t. It’s been a flaming pile of garbage of a year, so just allow me this.

This year, I branched out with my blog a whole lot more. I talked mental health. I talked sex and dating. While I tried to hold it together, I kept trying new products. Most of these will be familiar, but some I use so often I just take them for granted and never talk about them. In any case, in no particular order, here are my favourites of the year!

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Review: The Womanizer Pro40

I follow a few sex bloggers and YouTubers, and I like to do my research before investing in a new toy the same way I do my research before buying a new foundation. Most of the time, toys that get a lot of hype don’t catch my attention, or seem to have mixed reviews. But this one is a little different, because it really delivers. The Womanizer Pro40 is the Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation of sex toys: so worth the hype.

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Benefit BeneFaves VoxBox – Ka-BROW, The Porefessional, They’re Real Mascara, Hoola Bronzer

When I was a wee preteen first discovering the addictive wonderful world of Sephora, Benefit caught my eye. With their ultra-feminine packaging and adorable displays, they were among the first few items in my budding collection. However, I quickly discovered that not all their products are for me, and this isn’t simply a matter of taste – it’s a matter of skintone.

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My Everyday Face

I have way more 8:30 classes this semester than I would like, and also I’m on campus 4 days a week, which means that I like to try to look (and feel!) polished, but I also like to sleep, you know? So I’ve inadvertently put together a pretty streamlined* routine, doable in 20 minutes before running out the door to the bus. My routine is base-centric – I’m all about flawless, glowing skin, and skip eyeshadow in favour of a perfect bronze/blush-highlight most days. But the beauty of this routine is that you can build on it – if I have extra time, I add winged liner or a simple shadow look. In any case, these are my go-to products for my go-to look.

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Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers

simplehuman sensor mirror pro, $300 | Livia, $159 | Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, $40 | Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, $66 | Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Liquid Lipstick Set, $33 | Laneige Hydration Kit, $26 | DevaCurl Super Curly Mini Transformation Kit, $15 | Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, $23 | All images belong to the brands in question

Confession: I hate Christmas. It stresses me out. So, I started my Christmas shopping last week. I feel like it’s early to start listening to Christmas music and stuff, but it’s basically never too early to start making progress on the list of gifts I’ve got to pick up.

I have no idea what to get my hockey-loving preteen cousin, or my uncle who has everything…but I do know what beauty lovers want. Or, at least, I know what I’d want, so I’ve put together a little list of recommendations with reviews of the products where applicable. Just in time for the Rouge/VIB/BI Sale at Sephora!

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On Comparing Myself to Others, Blogging, Toxic Masculinity, and Current Favourites

I think that most of you know it, but I’m a full-time grad student, and blogging is just my hobby. Every so often, I get stuck – in blogging, in life – and for the past two months, the exact nature of the “stuck” is comparing myself to other people. As a result, I haven’t felt like blogging. So I thought I’d blog about it. (You can also skip to the faves if you’re just here for that.)

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